About Us


The Academic Mastery (Alternative Education) Academy is a non-public alternative school for K-8th fully recognized by Illinois Board of Education; and alternative program for 9-12th grade students who are challenged academically, behaviorally or socially; and, for students in need of an alternative-academic environment to achieve their education goals. The “Academy” is specifically designed to provide a full academic, self-paced curriculum aligned to common core state standards.


Our mission is to provide both “at-risk” and regular education students who are academically, behaviorally, or socially challenged in the traditional school setting, an opportunity to function at his/her own pace with an Individualized Development Plan. To create and provide an atmosphere that stimulates academic success; also to challenge both “at-risk” and regular education students to build character, and become life-long learners in this ever changing culturally diverse society.


  • To demonstrate a commitment to academic excellence
  • Provide students with another chance to achieve academic success
  • Allow students to work at their own pace
  • Incorporate social skills training & character education
  • Support/Serve districts, staff, parents & students






  • We believe students will accomplish their academic goals when they are in an environment to learn
  • We believe the teacher is the primary model and motivator.
  • We believe in establishing social expectations that reach beyond the classroom.
  • We believe in a non-traditional, non-threatening classroom setting with understanding that all students are cable and unique with different learning styles.








Margaret Ann Williams is a true visionary, teacher and instructional leader and has more than two decades serving in education on the front lines, side lines and administration. Mrs. Williams has served as teacher, dean and administrator in elementary, junior high and high schools in the state of Illinois. She received her Bachelor of Science in Education from Eastern Michigan and her Master in Education Administration from Governor State University.  Mrs. Williams has worked as an administrator in the South Suburban School Districts and has received recognition for outstanding performance with helping students meet their educational potential. Additional recognition was given from the state of Illinois for increasing Annual Yearly Progress (AYP). She has worked tirelessly over the last two decades as a partner with many youth community programs to help with students’ educational performance.

Mrs. Williams founded the Academy Mastery Academy, an alternative education program, because of the understanding she has for students’ need for smaller classrooms with a low student-to-teacher ratio, rather than a typical public school classroom with 20 or more students. The AMA offers students opportunity for a successful educational experience with an individual learning plan that promotes and encourages students to be logical thinkers, problem solvers, innovators and inventors.

Mrs. Williams passionately believes that our children are not only our future but also our future leaders; therefore devoting her life, time and resources to develop potential leaders.